Stefania Rosini  

... from Tuscany to catch the atmosphere of LA. I’ve loved photography since I was 8, when I saw my cousin at work, printing and cleaning some pictures. It was a magic moment that made something click inside me and tied me to the medium and the world that it can create. I got my first camera at 13, a Canon Junior. From that day on I‘ve used a lens to look at my family and my friends: it’s something between me and the world around but it helps me pay attention to things in a deeper way, you are involved in a scene but you are also a witness, you are part of the world but you are invisible too. The moment in a person’s life, be it a famous singer or someone I met in a bar, that is stolen by the camera is something I like hanging on to. Besides photography, my great passion is rock music and I have a Pearl Jam tattoo to prove it. I take pictures of everything, from landascapes to portrait, but I feel completely alive when I shoot concerts. I have just a few seconds to snap, and I often have to deal with adverse lighting to capture atmosphere, music, faces and emotions. This gets my adrenaline going. To this day, I haven’t totally abandoned film. Black and white, goes without saying. Stefania Rosini was born January 1st 1975 in a small Tuscan town near Grosseto, Montepescali. However much she loves her hometown, she likes travelling too. That’s where she finds inspiration. Stefania studied Cinematography and Photography in Bologna. After the degree in History of Italian Cinema, she worked for several italian photo agencies. In 2007 she spent a few months in New York then moved back to Europe in order to work with the artist Maurizio Galimberti. She presently lives between Italy and Los Angeles, primarily working as set photographer. SMPSP member since October 2018.